About Us

Pro Bono Law Ontario is a charity founded in 2001 to bridge the justice gap between lawyers who want to give back and the many Ontarians who can’t afford legal services and have a legal problem not covered by government funding. PBLO creates and manages volunteer programs that connect these lawyers with low-income Ontarians–either directly or in partnership with charitable organizations working in the local community. Through this work, PBLO has emerged as the legal profession’s only organized volunteer response to unmet legal needs. The result is that PBLO serves over 14,000 clients each year who have nowhere else to turn. The demand for these services increases each year.

To those it helps, PBLO may mean the difference between shelter and homelessness, economic stability and bankruptcy, food on the table and hunger. PBLO’s coordination of the delivery of volunteer legal services is an important service to the legal profession. It addresses barriers to lawyer participation in pro bono activities, and promotes a pro bono culture within the Ontario legal profession. PBLO, as an organization, is an effective vehicle through which the legal profession can give back to the community.

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